Beautiful African Hair Braiding Styles for 2018

African hair braiding can add an entirely new definition to your appearance. They are simple, easy to make and probably one of the coolest hairstyles you will ever find. But how to make these pretty braids? What are the best African American hair braiding styles? Well, that is the exactly what we are going to find out in the following section.

Criss Cross braids

Criss cross braids, also known as the goddess braids, is a perfect hairstyle for those days when you are looking to give your hair some break. This is also a great African American hairstyle for your beach vacations because it is simple and hassle-free. The criss cross braid adds definition to your natural hair and is one of the most relaxed hairstyles ever!

African hair braiding

French braids

If you are looking for an African hair braiding style that is sleek, sophisticated and incredibly elegant- French braids can be an excellent option. This braiding style is relatively simple. All you need to do is weave small pieces of hair right above your main twist which is going to be closer to your scalp. The final result will be incredibly impressive, and you will love it for sure!

Again, if you’re looking for a style that is way more loose and relaxed- Dutch braids will do the job. Although these braids initially resemble French braids, their style is slightly more casual and comfortable.

Box Braids

If you’re looking for a braid that is more conventional and classic, Box braids can be an excellent option. This is yet another standard style which seems incredibly fresh because there is a lot of experimentation with the parting. You can either go for large, moderate or small braids. However, if you are particularly looking forward to following the street fashion trends – the more significant twists can be a better option.

Herringbone braids

Also known as the fish braids, the herringbone braids are thin, layered braids that include many pieces of your intertwined hair. These braids are called ‘herringbone’ because their structure resembles that of a fish. In case you are looking for a style which is somewhere between classic and modern; this braid style is a high pick.

Micro/Mini Braids

These are probably the most common kind of Afro hairstyle that you will ever find. A micro braid is usually a single braid, which is braided halfway leaving the remaining part of your hair open. Whether you have natural or synthetic hair – this one will be a hit!

Feed in braids

The good thing about Feed-in braids is the fact that it makes your cornrow braid look way more natural. It is easy to perform and makes your hair look way less bulky. The flat and pointy hairstyle adds definition to your hair and also protects its edges.

Well, now that you know everything about the most chill African hair braiding, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite and do this cool hairstyle to make heads turn!